Desktop PC goes to Sleep even though Sleep Option is set to Never

Jun 16, 2022
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My desktop PC goes to sleep even though sleep option (at Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options) is set to never. Happening since a couple of months.

PC keeps on jumping from one power plan to another on its own, frustrated I went ahead and set below settings in ALL the available power plans but no gain.

Turn off the display = Never
Put the computer to sleep = Never
Turn off hard disk = Never = 0
Sleep after = Never
Allow hybrid sleep = Off
Hibernate after = Never
Allow wake timers = Enable

The situation remains the same even if I create a custom plan.

To wakeup the PC I press blinking start button on the cabinet, hitting keyboard/mouse doesn't work. After wakeup it takes around 10 seconds to connect to the internet (ethernet), no wi-fi in my PC. Using non-activated version of W10.

All the drivers and windows is auto-updated/regularly.

Solution ?
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