Duplicate Display vs Netflix App

Sep 5, 2021
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Hi, I am currently in a dilemma with my Netflix App. I cannot get the video to play on my TV using a HDMI cable, while playing video on Netflix from my PC. I can only receive sound, & a black screen on my TV, where as my PC screen plays both.

I have look at loads of different fixes online, for over a week, but found nothing to resolve this. I've concluded it is not my PC , or its screen, it's not my TV, nor is it my HDMI cable, so it must be Windows 10...

The display 'duplicate these displays' function does not work properly. If I switch my display to the TV ONLY, & blank off my PC, the video on Netflix WILL play, & works fine. The same happens if I just play Netflix on my PC. But, when I try both, it will display the video, on just my PC.


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