SOLVED Edge Pop up on SurfacePro

Jan 29, 2016
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This may bring chuckles from those more knowledgeable than I, but for we slow learners here is a solution to a pop-up problem I had. I bought a new SurfacePro7 in May 2021 and “most” of the time when I booted up and signed in, it took me to a Microsoft Edge page suggesting I use Edge as my default browser. I could not stop it. I won’t bore you with the 6 different Microsoft techs I dealt with over many weeks or the 2 times they had me return my unit to Microsoft, but now with my third SurfacePro7, I finally found the problem/solution. It seems that on a touch screen computer such as the Surface, (not on my desktop) if you set the lock screen to “Windows Spotlight” in settings, the next time you try to log in, as you would expect, it presents a screen image for you to click on and then sign in. If you are not quick enough, however, in about 10-15 seconds a small pop-up window appears in the center of the screen, where you would normally click to sign in, suggesting you try Edge. (Again, not on my desktop) If you click in this area of the screen out of habit and sign in, it will then take you to Edge. If you manually swipe up on the screen, it does not. If you change your lock screen to another picture other than “Windows Spotlight,” it does not. As I said, 6 techs and I could not stop the Edge pop up so if you’re in our group, I hope this helps.

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