Error with Factory resetting my laptop

Apr 28, 2018
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Every time I try factory resetting my laptop it reaches to either 1% ,3% or 30% and stops and then tells me that there was an error and no changes have been made I’ve reset it using commands, shift + reset then troubleshoot and then reset and finally I’ve used the settings none of them worked what can I do to avoid this problem
Sep 26, 2017
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A couple of things, not knowing anything about the computer have to ask if it originally came with Win10? If not, is it trying to do a Factory Reset to a previous version of Windows? Could be the factory restore partition is damaged. Another thing is the reset usually can't be avoided probably because of other issues, things that will prevent correcting problems or limit use of the computer. T'were it mine I'd get the MCT/Media Creation Tool, install it to obtain the .iso file for creating the bootable DVD or create the USB 8GB Thumb drive, either can be used to reinstall Win10. The download will take awhile, I did it yesterday as I have to put a new drive in a client's Notebook.
Dec 26, 2015
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About the factory reset and Windows upgrade. Mind you this goes back some but may help.
Bought a new ASUS desktop PC with OEM Windows 8 . Run about a month, then preinstalled programs quit working including Solitaire and other MS games. NO Virus or Malware detected. Then came a free upgrade to Windows 8.1.
10%, 20%, 30%, hang up. Hours upon hours. Just did not happen. This was my first PC I had received no CD, DVD, or USB stick with it.
Now it is a norm. ASUS (Taiwan) dis not help at all only suggested to ship it to Canadian factory to reinstall.
It came back in 3 weeks (Had to Ship it from BC to Ontario factory). Have not realized that the original product key was missing (Factory of course did not have the same OEM installation disk) so came with different Product serial#.
I was able to install Windows 8.1 and subsequently Windows 10.
This Windows upgrade did the same thing on brand nes HDD - 10%, 20% and even all the way up to %92%.
Every time it screwed up a sector, then multiple sectors and in the end it was over 1,500 sectors gone from new HDD. by this nonsence retrials. HDD was crap, and UEFI/Bios crap.
Pro computer shop did declared the MOBO was caput.
Thanks Microsoft.
Later I was able to start from scratch and ended up with Windows 10 Home on my home built computer with new MOBO and HDD.
But because the product key was missing and I had only OEM #, to this day my Windows stay not activated.
No product key, no MTC/Media creation, no back up, no restore, no presonalization, but sure a lots of adds.
My personal advise is avoid factory resets, and unreliable vendors (bought ASUS PC from Staples), and have a bakup OS (LInux Mint) on separate drive (not dual boot).
Best regards to everyone, stay safe

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