Excessive lag (Possibly from Windows Defender)

Aug 7, 2015
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After updating to Windows 10 yesterday everything was working just fine, no lag, everything worked normally. I proceeded to do a few things and then I began to play a game called ArcheAge. I have played this game many times before and there's never been a problem. I then started talking to Cortana using the, "Hey Cortana" thing and asked it a math question. It responded, but when I asked it something and it pulled up a search for that on the internet, the entire computer kept flashing black and grey. I then shut it down (CTRL Alt Delete did not function, so I had to remove the battery. I waited over 45 min before-hand so it definitely wasn't going to shut itself down or go back to normal). Upon reloading it, it was extremely slow in every stage. I tried to push my way through the lag because (On Archeage) I had just started a trade run, this means I would lose a lot of money if I didn't get back soon. Once it began loading Archeage the computer froze and refused to load anything. I then CTRL alt deleted and set it to shut down. This lag has continued still (a day later). It now takes around 5-6 minutes for my computer just to load up, and it's horrendously slow at everything until it's been loaded for about 2 minutes. I still crash when I try to load Archeage. I tried to look into what was making it so laggy with task manager, and there's 100% disk usage by Windows Defender (Antimalware service excecutable). I have no idea what to do, considering you can't turn it off (Nor would I want to leave my computer open like that). Another peculiar thing is that I had another antivirus program before updating (Can't remember if it was McAffee or Norton, think it was Norton) but now that's not even in the files of the computer.

Any suggestions or help would be most appreciated!


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