Explorer Crash

May 21, 2021
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I've got since yesterday a problem with the "right click" context menu.
Whenever I right click on a file and try the option "Open with" the context menu starts to feeze and I have to restart the explorer via Task-Manager. Also worth to mentioning, most of my Image files no longer show mini previews but either the windows standard previews or blant white, still able to open and do stuff with them tho.
What I few minutes ago noticed was I'm no longer able to scroll through "Windows Options>Apps" that Window just doesn't seem to respond, but im able to close it via the x in the corner.

My System:
Windows 10 64x
A Samsung 1TB SSD
Data harddrive 3 TB
Videocard Radean Vega 56
Prozessor Ryzan 2700x
16GB DDR4 Ram
Kaspersky Antivirus


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