Generic Mail App that Comes with Windows

Aug 25, 2021
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Question: How can the generic mail app that came with windows 10 recieve emails that are junk (as determined by MS Outlook Stand-Alone Program)?

Scenario: I use the Mail App because I have several email accounts and like to manage all email in a single location rather than opening several different email frontends just to read emails.

So recently I started noticing weird emails that should be tagged as junk (and therefore popped into the junk email folder rather than displaying in my inbox). When I noticed this behavior, I started opening the MS Outlook Stand-Alone Program. Funny thing is that when I do this, I can watch the email pop out of the Mail app (inbox) and get put into the (Junk Mail) folder. What gives here? It is like they are ghost emails that outlook (or the server it attaches to) is somehow missing these emails as junk initially (at least until I open the MS Outlook Stand-Alone Program).

NICE! I just noticed that the icon for my user name on the forum looks just like a power button icon!! COOL! ...Sorry, a geek moment.


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