Having problems installing Microsoft Flightsimulator version ten gold. AKA FSX Gold

Nov 10, 2016
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Hello from a new subscriber.
My name is Ron Kolesar and I happened to be blind.
I'm running windows ten anniversary on a 64 bit processor with twelve gigs of memory.
Now, I'm attempting to install my first disk of FSX Gold.
I tap my applications key and go down to open.
Then tat the letter s until I'm down to setup.exe and tap my applications key once again until I get to run as administrator and smack my enter key to start the ball rolling.
No matter what I do I've been getting errors left and right.
I even tried designing a temp folder and tried copying everything into the new folder and it didn't like that either.
Now I know there's nothing wrong with the diskets.
They worked great in win seven and when I upgraded from win seven to win ten on the older maching without uninstalling fsx gold from the older machine, it still worked great.
But since I purchased this newer updated kick behind computer and had the MS disability hotline link up with me and checked out my registry and found no errors.
I can't figure out why FSX Gold will not run on a machine running windows ten anniversary.
Would deeply appreciate anyone's help on this matter.
Now, how can a blind person use FSX?
This is a valid question to ask and a easier one to answer.
We use the following three programs that work hand in hand together.
1. FSX.
3. Most importantly for Blind Pilots the program from Canada called Its Your Plane or IYP for short.
Check out some of their you tube videos at their web address at:
You'll see vidos on BVI Pilots flying for private GA flights and for their virtual career in the IYPVA mode.
Getting back to private GA flying.
The only bird I fly for a private GA flight is the Dassault Falcon trijet three engine DF7X.
But If we could get a FSX version of the newer successor to the DF7X the newer DF8X for we FSX Pilots, I'd scrap my DF7x in a heartbeat.
1. The DF8X flies 500 miles further than the DF7X.
2. The fuel onboard the DF8X is 35 percent more efficient than on the older DF7X as well.
Plus in the real world, you can get a onboard shower for your bathroom for your bathroom onboard your DF8X as well.
In the real world the DF8X will only set you back a small $60,000,000.00. GRIN.
So, many thanks to my fellow subscribers.
Ron Kolesar AKA The Blind Pilot

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