Second Computer I've tried Windows 10 on.. STILL having problems

Aug 23, 2015
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I thought maybe I was unlucky with my previous computer and Windows 10
I'm trying fresh install on a Samsung NP355, and it still is having problems.

I could only find windows 8 drivers for it.

My main problems (so far):

The internet browser download is so SLOW.

I cant open or uninstall some programs because smart screen wont let me

I'm not signed in to windows 10 with an email account.
I just wanted to be a user with no password or email required when I boot up

But how the heck do i just run or uninstall programs without getting the:
'this app has been blocked for your protection' message.

I've hardly done anything on this OS yet, and just like before, I get problems right from the get go.

Please can i have a simple solution or I will go back to reliable and usable windows 7 and stay there.

Windows 10 looks good, but PLEASE microsoft make it work properly or its about as useful as a ferrari without wheels

All I ask for is basic functionality without having to tear my hair out in frustration right from the start..
That would be nice.

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