Having problems logging into my clickbank.com account

May 3, 2020
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I am currently having problems logging in to my clickbank.com account with my Firefox browser on my Windows 10 laptop. Previously I had no problems logging into this I account with Firefox, but the clickbank website has changed. I can log into my clickbank account using the microsoft edge browser. So I contacted clickbank support and asked them what the problem was. They wrote back and told my to check 5 things on my Firefox browser:

• Please make sure there are no spaces before or after your Nickname
• Check to make sure your “num lock” and “caps lock” keys are off
• Check for any third party malware of security software that would block cookies
• Make sure your Internet browser is set to accept cookies
• Make sure you have Java Script enabled on your browser

I added javascript to my browser, but I still can't login to clickbank.
Is there anyway that I can fix this problem?

Thank you

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