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Aug 8, 2015
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Hi Folks.
Am new to these type of forums but as an avid four wheel drive owner and written articles for the magazines, this forum shouldn`t be to hard to get used to. I wonder if anyone has experienced problems with the lack of volume with Windows Ten. I have had this laptop for about 6 months running Win 7 and no problems at all. With Win 10 there is very little sound, and despite taking it back to the dealer where I got this from , he says the volume is normal. Normal ????????????? I cant hear much even when standing close to the speakers. In the end I deleted "ten" and went back to Windows 7 where the sound and volume is 100% . Anyone know how to rectify the lack of volume with Windows Ten ( One would have thought that prior to releasing the new format, the boffins would have gone through everything so that one buys the latest and greatest with out these problems. I`m no computer guru so if anyone knows knows how to fix this problem, tello me how to fix it, then I can take the information to the supplier for his use in fixing this problem.

Cheers everyone


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Nov 19, 2013
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Many sound cards, more chipsets, all of which require specific drivers, all of which need to be Windows 10 compliant, very few of which seem to be, some of which even require or at least seem to be augmented by additional software programs, which add effects that include in some cases "boosts".
I've just noticed what you've experience on a recent laptop upgrade myself.
It's a waiting game it seems.
Some device manufacturers seem to be working on it. Others, I think, would prefer you throw away and buy all new.

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