How do I remove "Your browser is managed" from Chrome in windows 10

Aug 20, 2015
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My PC runs under Windows 10 and has the Chrome browser installed. Both are up-to-date. It is my private property and never had any connection with an "Organisation". I built it myself. Yet somehow the browser displays the message "Your browser is managed by your organisation" which prevents me from changing some settings such as disabling Hangouts which has started to insist on starting up every time I start Chrome. I never use it.
I found this article which looked as if it should work, all it did was to remove all my carefully crafted settings, bookmarks etc, but the browser is still displaying the same message.
I see similar questions on some of the Linux sites, but no useful solutions.
Has anyone successfully regained full control of their Chrome browser? I believe there may be something in the Group Policies (the "solution" that didn't work involved deleting them)


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