HP DC7900 Small Form Factor (SFF) PC

Apr 22, 2017
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Hi all,

I thought I would share something with you all for anyone that may want a HTPC setup (Home Theatre PC) on the cheap.

I bought the HP DC7900 from eBay for an amazing €35 (no HDD or DVD). It has 4GB DDR2 RAM and a Core2Duo 3.16 CPU, I installed W10 and Linux (Ubuntu Mate) on it using a spare 500GB 2.5 HDD and I must say it is a fast little thing. :):):)


There are other types of models available from HP, Dell and Fujitsu-Siemens and others. Some have i3 and i5 CPU's in them, you just need to read the spec-sheet before you buy!. ;)

Anyone that might be interested can look on eBay or Amazon (and other places of course):


https://www.amazon.co.uk/small-form-factor-pc-Computers-Accessories/s?page=1&rh=n:340831031,k:small form factor pc

You can of course buy newer models but why pay 100's of Dollars/Pounds/Euros when a cheaper older model works fine?. :):):)

They use very little power and you may need to invest in a low profile GPU to get the benefit of HD TV, I put an old Nvidia GT430 with 1GB of VRAM in it, connected to my TV with an HDMI cable and it works fine, the Nvidia GT1030 2GB VRAM (DDR5 not the DDR4 version*) is a good choice as it doesn't cost too much depending on where you buy it. :D:D:D

*There are 2 version of the GT1030 and Nvidia played a dirty trick by using the same name for 2 different models, DO NOT BUY THE DDR4 VERSION OF THIS CARD AS IT HAS HALF THE PERFORMANCE OF THE DDR5 VARIANT!!!. (Lower memory bandwidth and memory speed and a lower boost clock). If you buy one, look very carefully at the specs on the box or vendors list before purchase!.


I hope it is of use to you. :):):)


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