SOLVED HP hacked?

Nov 6, 2016
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I've been getting calls from what was supposed to be HP support while away from home. One day I went to HP support page and the phone number was the same as the call I answered so I listened to the person on the other end. HP does have a program on the PC that talks back to the company and reports issues. The caller said that my PC was being compromised and offered to fix it but need access to the PC, stating that it would take to long to walk me through the process. In the end my PC was bricked. I called HP and was informed that they receive many calls daily about this issue and that it was a scam.

They knew about the issue and with the embedded program, they could've sent a warning to their customers but didn't. HP owners, beware!


Oct 26, 2016
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After the warranty runs out, I remove all HP specific apps/programs unless they are needed to run the computer. Not only they are useless cause after a while there are no updates but they always start automatically and use resources that can be used for other tasks.
Toshiba has some of those programs too.
I think you learned a valuable lesson here: Never give remote access to your computer, not even when you initiate the call or task...
There are sooooo many bad people out there....

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