Not sure if my Windows 10 pc is hacked?

Sep 22, 2016
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Hi everyone,

Am hoping to get some feedback. I recently feel my pc has been targeted to be hacked. I was investigating last night, disabled a few non-essential services, tested a bit to make sure all was working, locked my screen, and went to bed for the night.

This morning, when I tried to tried to log in, it wouldn't accept my password. It was at the login screen, correct user name, I tried several times just in case I typed my password incorrectly but still no go. Then at the lower left corner of the screen, I saw the button, "switch user". I thought it was odd as I was the only person logged in (and there's no one else in my home). I should have looked around the login screen more but wasn't thinking at the time as it was early this morning. I clicked switch user, the screen flashed, and it was again back at the same login screen with the same user name, my username. Now I entered my password and was accepted and I was logged back into my session. I also had Fiddler running in my session and as soon as I connected, all the activity from the night just scrolled across Fiddler as if all the Fiddler sessions were recorded but was just loaded as I logged in.

So today I started to think, what if that first login screen where I entered my password was some sort of hacked page that was presented to get my password? Is that possible? I did lock my pc before going to bed last night too so not sure how that may happen? Would any disable services would have caused this to happen?

Also, this morning, I did lock and unlock my screen again and this behavior with the switch user button did not occur again. So in my opinion, something strange is happening. I've since turned off my pc and haven't turned back on yet. Any info/feedback would be greatly appreciated.




Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Dave,

Welcome to the Forum.

As you only have one User on your system when you boot your computer from powered off status you will only see a single user on the logon page, and no Switch User option.

When your computer goes to sleep though, this is a settings for the specific user and it will take you to a lock screen if this is enabled. Here it is actually normal to see the choice to switch user, and because you only have one actual user, this is why upon clicking that you see your username as the only option.

You certainly have not been hacked. This is a feature that has been around even in Vista days.

If your Windows 10 version is a Professional, Education or Enterprise edition you can use the Group Policy Editor to disable the Switch User option if you so choose.



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