Help I got hacked

Mar 24, 2018
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Somebody took ownership of my Microsoft laptop. registered to me. now signed in with their logins, wiped clean. How can I get it back? one of the accounts, no login so I'm on it right now but no guarantee there isn't a keylogger. So logging into my Microsoft account is out at this point, this is actually my only device right now. But this chick is trying to steal my identity and credit and stuff, and I need to take wha'ts mine back, and maybe return fire if possible. Isn't there some way of saying hey, Microsoft, this is my computer recognize my serial number, which is not associated with the accounts windows is insisting upon

Crux of the issue is windows won't let me install mbam, or even usb download tool without login by local account. Which is them, fraudulently. I'm stuck until I get all my tools back but she stole them all I got back so far is this

There's gotta be a way I can win in this


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