USB disk got a virus. Please help how to solve

Jul 30, 2018
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Hi all

I am using ASUS windows 10.

For last one week, I have realized that when I plug in my USB stick to my Laptop, it is automatically creating a shortcut whose name is system volume information. and it has two files in it. When I want to put some folders or documents in USB disk, they are directly becoming shortcut and then automatically all of them were deleted.

First question: I am not sure if my USB stick has that virus or my computer ?
Second question: How can I solve that ? What is the reason that this happens ?

I was using Mc cafee and windows defender in my computer. They didnt find anything.
In worst case scenario, will formatting to C work or not ? Because I have also bought my computer just recently.

I tried many times formatting the USB (E) disk but it repeats.

Thanks in advance for any help

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