Now my device doesn't support Miracast? Help?

Jan 5, 2019
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I swear to God that Windows 10 is the bane of my existence. Just the other day I was able to connect my laptop up to my Television set using Bluetooth and it went without a hitch. Last night, I tried to connect it, but whenever it got the connection ready and going, it simply didn't work; my screen would go black and then everything would just be as normal, no changes, no projecting, no computer on the TV. So I tried to fix it, and NOW, for SOME REASON, my device doesn't support Miracast anymore. I'm at my wits end; it took me forever to determine the problem with my graphics card, it took me ages to just get the damn thing to function normally, and now something I was able to do flawlessly isn't supported. Is there any help or something I could try? I already attempted to redress the issue by going to the Bluetooth Service whatever and altering that, but it isn't working. I hate Windows 10.

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