Huion Tablet Driver - Device Disconnected

Feb 6, 2019
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I’ve had my Huion Kamvas GT 191 for less than 3 months and no problem. Working fine up until today, where I noticed that instead of the normal arrowhead cursor you get, it was a tapered star instead. No pressure sensitivity at all. I then checked the huion driver tablet exe and the device was disconnected.

Uninstalled the drivers and all related folders completely. Reinstalled and I get a weird command prompt spam that asks for admin access (and by spam I mean two windows rapidly opening and closing with no end in sight, even after install). No matter how many times I install, it gives me the same thing! Techs have seen it too but don’t do much about it.

I’ve heard Windows Ink may cause this but I can’t find a way to disable it for my desktop as a whole (I don’t have group policy editor since it’s Windows Home); and it wasn’t an issue till this morning! I’ve thumbed through several threads on here, Microsoft, etc! Contacted Microsoft support 3 times since my table works on my dell fine (HDMI doesn’t work for it so using it for that’s out of the question). Right now, I’m re-installing windows since the last tech says it’s a corrupted file on Windows ;; I’ve tried to reinstall Windows 10 three times already and it always gets stuck!

The only thing that might have caused this, from my memory, is that I reconnected the USB once last night since the chord was tangled up in the back. I’ve tried to uninstall that USB from that port but nothing happens, it remains the same.

Ive been trying to fix this since 10 AM (now 8 PM) today, I’ve been talking to techs, and nothing. I’ve tried the normal stuff (no stranger to drive issues, Wacom or Huion) and it still says device disconnected! USB is seen but not assigned to the driver (any driver, says unspecified/unidentified) according to device manager.

OS: Windows 10 Home 64x bit
Desktop: ASUS CyperPowerPC, Model C Series

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