HP NC6320 - BSOD during clean reinstall of Win10

Nov 7, 2015
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This is one of my old Laptops used for car diagnostics and setting the Ignition map on my kitcar.

Originally it had Win95 then I installed Win8 and finally had the upgrade from Win8 to Win10.

Been updating windows 10 every couple of months with no issues.

Then decided to do a complete new fresh reinstall of windows and formatting the drive using the media tool.

I made a USB 32bit boot drive and a DVD 32 bit drive, as was unsure if being an old BIOS it would boot from a USB.

Using either of the bootable methods, windows will install and load all its programs and features etc. But during the actual setup when it should go onto setting your MS account and WiFi and etc. Shortly after the start of the setup, the BSOD comes up and will do so with every boot with same error "Stopcode :SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED".

I managed to go via 'Repair the computer' and let it find and problems etc. Nothing.

Is this BSOD the end saying the laptop is finished after running Win10 since it came out ?


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