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Sep 19, 2016
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Hi... I'm not a computer expert by any definition. I know my way around some
apps and try to follow computer and internet best practices. I've used Firefox
as my browser for a couple of years and have been satisfied with it...

However lately I've been thinking about how I can ensure that when I communicate
on the internet nothing is left on my computer, either where I've been or who / what
type of communication has taken place. I perform several financial transactions daily
with institutions local and out of country. I know of a very recent issue one person
I know had on their PC, They lent it for use to someone they know and they were able
find history of communications and email addresses etc. It was a very difficult situation
for that person when their email was hacked and websites tracked from a person / persons unknown.

I've turned on the Firefox option of deleting all history and cookies and have done
that in Windows internet options (at least as far as I can determine).
Based on what I've done, is there anywhere on my PC where internet communication is
stored that I can remove when I've finished using the internet? My internet provider is Bell.

thanks BEH


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