Lenovo y570 Malwarebytes won't work free trial

Apr 8, 2017
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For some reason Lenovo y570 64-bit Malwarebytes will not install properly to use giving error messages the file. Exe attached at the end of Malwarebytes file can not completely open and my laptop is full of malware


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Slade,

Welcome to the Forum.

Are you absolutely certain it is Malwarebytes and not McAfee Antivirus instead?

The Lenovo you say you have came with Windows 7 and a 60 day trial of McAfee, so if it actually is Malwarebytes then I assume you added that yourself.

If you disable this and any other third party software, then run a full Windows Defender scan on boot up you could probably rid yourself of any current malware issues fairly quickly.

Simply open Windows Defender, then in its top tool bar [ right side] click on Settings and scroll to bottom of window and select Scan offline which will prompt you to restart computer. It can then scan in an environment where malware or virus relying on network activity will not have it, and some malware will not even be loaded into memory yet.

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