SOLVED Lost internet after update

Sep 22, 2018
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Ok I'm new to this so bare with me please.
After a windows 10 update (sept 17) I lost all internet connectivity on my Toshiba NB500. I spent many hours (on another device) looking for possible reasons and trying several solutions but could not get it back. Took my laptop to a computer tech who eventually gave it back unfixed, saying the whole harddrive would be have to uninstalled etc etc. Found that even more issues - start and search would not work, thought I would copy my photos and files to a usb stick and attempt a factory reset, what did I have to loose. It would not longer recognize the usb ports either, thought that was it. Then by complete fluke I tried a few more suggestions /scannow and others... took a while and still no joy.
I just happened to : enter windows button and R , entered " msconfig" , flicked thru tabs and in 'Services' noticed everything listed had been "disabled on Sept 17" , hmmmmm clicked on the button that said 'Enable All', 'Apply' and OK to my complete surprise my internet tab on taskbar etc appeared. I could CNTRL, ALT, DEL and shut down and then restarted my Toshiba NB500 and WAALAA everything back. So far so good , all seems to be working, hope this helps :)


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