SOLVED New Laptop with Win 11...want to go back to Win 10

Sep 29, 2022
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I have 4 laptops; 2 I bought new with Win 10 installed and 2 refurbished - one with Win 10 and one with Win 11. The one with Win 11 is the one I just purchased and I want to put Win 10 on it. Win 11 is not an upgrade as it came with fresh install of Win 11. But this laptop was built before Win 11 came out. This laptop has a sticker with an IEMI number ( it has a Sim slot) but no serial number or Windows sticker. It's an HP Elite x2 from Best Buy.
My other laptops I believe have a Windows sticker on it.
Is there a way to wipe this drive clean and install Win 10 on it?
UPDATE - Actually, while I was writing the above, I rebooted the new laptop and got a blue screen saying that Windows ran into some problems during startup. Long story short - it will not boot. I tried every option in the Troubleshooting section including reset this PC and restore to a previous point (there was only one restore point) and none would work It says it cannot even reset this PC.

So I dunno how that happened.

Anyway, I have a USB recovery drive from 2 of my other laptops. Both are Win 10. The third laptop has a problem with the mainboard so I'm tossing it.


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