Nokia will release devices on Windows 10

Sep 28, 2017
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I am an ardent fan of Nokia products. I remember before, they competed with Samsung and were valued more than a Korean product. But the time is ruthless and the Finnish developers are gone, pulling the world legend behind them.

But I remained true to Nokia, like many other users. As for me, the quality of their products is so high. My old Nokia Lumia 520 phone, which is more than my cat years old, only broke once. And the way the experts from told me, the reason was in the dust. After that I did not visit nokia service centers.

So, here. I follow all the news and recently came across a very interesting and mysterious "message" to the fans. It was in Chinese, but, with a dash, I translated the text and realized that something the translator had done something wrong, or I imagined it. In the Weibo account, the developers hinted that in the near future we should expect new Windows-devices under the world brand. Gentlemen, what does all this mean?

Answers with intrigue

In the account, users asked questions to developers and received answers from them. First and foremost, it is worth highlighting the advice of representatives to users, carefully monitor future devices from Nokia. And, it's not about the usual smartphones lineup Lumia (they have long been engaged in Microsoft). It's about something new. But what about?

Next, in the interview you can see the words of Kaby Lake. I'll remind you, or I'll give new information that Kaby Lake is the code name for Intel Core processors. It is read as Kaby Lake. So, this suggests that it is possible that the developers have prepared completely new tablets from Nokia. Most likely, they will not be associated with the Lumia line. Naturally, these are only assumptions.

But, it's too early to draw conclusions about the information that got into the network. Firstly, many developers often tease their fans, and in the end, to put it mildly, disappoint. Secondly, the Chinese language is very complicated, and translation into Google Translate is far from ideal.

However, in any case, it is necessary to follow the news and expect something new from the Finnish-Chinese company. As for me, they already have to regain their former glory. I hope MWC will be presented with a more interesting device (or several) than the recently appeared on the world market smartphone Nokia 6.

Many fans expect from developers really high-quality and inexpensive product. We will believe that Nokia will be able to satisfy the desires of users.


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