Personal files hidden after update?

Oct 29, 2023
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Hi to all,

Something strange happened on my HP Laptop after a Windows update last week. Is there anybody outthere who knows what is causing the following problems?

- On my desktop, around 20 personal files were suddenly remarked as 'hidden'. At first they seemed to be totally gone, but later I've foudn out that they were 'just' hidden. How could that have happened and how can I undo that?

- My Chrome ánd Edge browsers don't work anymore. They both don't even start úp after you click their icons. And they have been working without any problems at all for over 3 years now, but suddenly... nothing happens. Trying to solve this I've downloaded the Mozilla Firefox app, to be able to go online again and after that I've removed Chrome and downloaded it again... installed it and gave it another shot; still nothing happens. Strangely enough the Firefox browser is working just fine.

Remark: To be sure that all of this didn't happen due to a virus or malware, I've run a (paid) virus- and malware scanning program. All clean was the outcome.

I would be very happy to get some tips, tricks or advice from someone who dóes have i clue regarding what happened, cause I surely don't. Thanks in advance!

Greetings, Paul

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