Power button light on, external keyboard backlights on, and others

Mar 27, 2019
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Today I had to leave the house, so I opened the power menu from the Windows button, and selected the option for my Dell Inspiron i5577 laptop to "Sleep." I come back later, hit the power button to turn the laptop on, and lo and behold, the power button light turns on. There is absolutely no power to the display of my laptop. My "gaming" mouse's rgb backlight is off, but whenever I click it, the rgb light comes on. It stays on as long as I hold the left or right click. My external monitor says there is no input from my laptop. I hold the power button down until the light on the power button turns off. I wait for a few seconds and then hold the power button to boot my laptop. It works fine now, but I do not understand what caused this and does this damage my laptop's hardware?


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