Preventing the proffering of emojs in chat.

Apr 6, 2015
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I use Desktop_telegram/Telegram_desktop for communication with select people, and am quite satisfied with the service it provides, EXCEPT that it has a very sensitive tool for inserting emojs, which my mouse cursor is forever unintentionally activating, resulting in the hijacking of the text I am writing. I have no interest in emojs and wish that they could be disabled from Telegram. The developers do not respond to me about any issue I raise, so THEY can not help me. As a work-around, might it be possible to desensitise a small portion of a screen, so that mouse movements there have NO effect ? The following URL touches on a situation opposite to mine - 'windows-detects-no-mouse-clicks-inside-a-small-area-of-the-screen' whereas I need to have a small area of the screen
(that around the emoj tool/icon) become UNresponsive to mouse cursor movement. Is there such an option ?


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