RDP Scam Attack

Mar 13, 2017
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I received a RDP scam attack last night around 10 pm. I was configuring a new laptop with the 15048 release. I was also testing a new WIFI hotspot on the Verizon 4G network. I was outside my normal wireless router/firewall.

A window opened, muted alarms were sounding, the screen was flashing and a woman notified me that I had been identified by Microsoft as receiving a barrage of virus attacks that had compromised my laptop. My display appeared to show an "app" running that revealed my laptop was infected with 202 viruses. (nice number) She introduced a Microsoft certified technician who had been assigned to save me and recover my laptop before it was too late. Both had ~Indian/English accents. Nowadays, that's not that unusual?

In the background, I could hear dozens of conversations - like when WETA is doing its annual fund raising drives. This was a pretty sophisticated scam.

The man led me through his script and insisted that he could disinfect my machine, He kept pointing out that he was a Microsoft certified technician. Finally, he offered me protection programs for 1 yr, 2 yrs or 3 yrs at very lofty $$$.

I immediately shutdown my laptop and disabled my Verizon hot spot and re-configured behind my router and firewalls. After lengthy scans today, I've determined that I have no infections on any of my computers, Samsung 7 phones or Samsung tablet.

Be advised on the one hand. But - to whom should I report this information - Microsoft, Verizon, the FBI cyber-security center? This wasn't the usual scam where someone just wants your Ebay or Paypal account information.


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Nov 19, 2013
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Sounds pretty elaborate to me.
As far as reporting it......
IDK, I believe most States and probably some county as well as local municipalities have some agencies that will take a report.
IF nothing else contact the State Attorney Generals Office and see what they have to say.
You can describe the incident but I suppose without actual evidence of a crime or attempted crime all they'll be able to do is take a report and add you to a list.

Good thing you didn't allow a Remote Control session, a lot of these scammers are installing "Syskey" it's a native windows program and has been around for a long time so all they have to do is activate it and without that password, it can be a real pain in the butt to get rid of
May 1, 2015
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While on MICROSOFT EDGE W10; I was searching on Google a Warning pop up window indicating that my system is potentially infected with TROJAN virus and other debris to call 1-866-214-0785. And a women with a very heavy accent indicated that she was working with MSoft tech and that I reached this number because of a serious issue with my system; and that I needed to download antimalware program etc. I did not download any program from this number. but it was very difficult to remove the various and repetitive screens with this warning. Any thoughts anyone? thanks


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Apr 13, 2017
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Welcome to forums

You nearly fell for it, that is called social engineering, the act of you clicking or installing anything would have been your downfall.
And of course they make it sound enticing an good deal for getting rid of 202 viruses.

Its quite a common scam, it goes around.
You cant report anything because you have no idea who they were. To report something you need evidence and details.

If you clicked or ran anything at all, even a picture you already have been infected, just because your regular tools cant find it, doesn't mean its not there.

Many people fall for that type of scam, and they never notice that now, their OS is rooted and RAts run amuck.

Then months/years later they find someone else using their identity and credit card debts and all manners of mayhem.

My advice...


  • Never click links inside ANY email
  • Never let anyone/from anywhere remote access your PC unless you know what youre doing
  • Never run scripts without examining the commands it executes.
  • If anyone calls you on the phone regarding computer maintenance, tell them to F OFF.
  • Just never! Never use a computer without adult supervision ;)

Let me tell you a true story. A few months back I received a call on my private landline asking to speak to the owner, I asked theire name and I was given one.
I said I would get My Father. Shortly after I came back on the phone and made a different voice and asked what was this call about, The guy said he worked for Tech IT Company that does maintenance on my PC, and that they had an upgrade for me.
I said hold on sure, give me a minute Ill boot PC now. (was already booted) I went for a cup of coffee, toilet, come back some 15 minutes later and picked up phone, said hello, The guy replies from other side, Hello have you booted your computer? I said yes, what shall I do now.
He gave me some website address to visit, Again, I took my time and excused myself someone at the door. some 10 minutes later came back again, picked up phone said hello, Guy asked Has the website loaded? I said no, around for a while we went, he asked for my email, I gave him some bogus email, instructed to click the link on email or run the software, sure I said....
time went past and I told the guy no email yet, I confirmed email address again, he sent another email (not sure if the emails bounced, but he didn't seem to notice) This went on for another good 20 minutes half hour, all on the guys dime, he called me.

In the end I said, never mind, Ill call another PC company to do my PC maintenance for me and that I would like to cancel my contract with them, when he was asking from my credit card details I hung up.

Next time someone calls you regarding similar scam make sure as hell you waste their time and have some fun.

No one does maintenance on my PC's but I.
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