Remove The "Windows.Old" folder After Doing the Upgrade Install

Jul 29, 2015
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Since many are doing the "Upgrade" install on their existing systems, when the upgrade is completely finished it leaves a VERY large folder in the "Windows" folder on the C: drive. Usually this file is around 12-18 GB in size.

To free up space and since the Windows.Old folder is no longer needed you can delete it.

The easiest method is to use CCleaner and in the "Advanced" section check the box "Old Windows Files" or maybe it was Folder... have a brain cramp at the moment. Then click clean and it should work fine, it did for me.

One tip is to also go to the "View" tab in any folder and select the "Options" tab, then choose "Change Folder and Search Options" under it. Select the "View" tab in that window and then check the box marked "Show Hidden Files, folders and drives". Save it by clicking okay.

It was really stubborn to just do it as a "Delete" function on the folder, for me at least it was. However CCleaner took care of the problem and freed up a lot of space on my SSD.
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Jul 30, 2015
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There's also hidden folder C:\$Windows.~BT that has source files for Windows 10 installation. Looks like that one is left over too.

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