Searching for specific contacts in the People App

Dec 13, 2015
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I use a Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10. I use the People App extensively though there are 2 quirks that make using the app a bit frustrating. Maybe I'm doing something wrong and some can help me fix it. Thanks in advance for your help. //

First off, when I open the app, the first screen is my first alpha contact. Should it be the list of contacts? If so, how can I fix that so the list of contacts is the 1st screen I see?

Let's assume I am on the list of contacts. The second issue occurs when I want to search for a specific contact, As soon as I enter an alpha character in the search field the screen automatically goes to the first contact where that character appears. So I have to go back to the search filed and enter the 2nd character. As soon as I do that, the screen changes immediately to the contact that has these 2 characters. And so on and on and on. Is it possible to enter several alpha characters in the search field and then hit the search icon so a search does not take so long?

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