Can't left click on programs via Start Menu after searching them

Sep 19, 2016
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I can't left mouse click on programs when I search them. So I can click on pinned programs and I can click on Folders, but when I search (WIN-key and then type for e.g. Word), left mouse click or the ENTER key doesn't respons, so I should right click mouse and select "Run as Administrator" for example. Or open file location and then select the .exe

-WIN-key opens Start Menu
-Left click on WIN-logo opens Start Menu

-Type a program (e.g. Word) left click don't respond
-Type a program (e.g. Word) ENTER key don't respond
-Both methods opens when I search and select a Folder instead of a program

-Type a program (e.g. Word) right click and choose "Run as Administrator" or "Open file location" works. Also select e.g. Word from "Most used" in Start Menu works great.

Please help what can I do, is it a registry setting? It only happens with programs when I search tem...

Thanks in advance!

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