Set Hard Drive order

Oct 9, 2019
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I purchased a PC that had a PRIME B250-PLUS motherboard fitted, running windows 10 home. It had a DVD drive and a Hard drive fitted. I recently fitted three more hard drives in what I thought was the correct order for the SATA sockets as shown on the board PDF.
The C drives shows as drive 0 but my D drive shows as drive 3, the E drive shows as drive 1 and the F drive shows as drive 2.
How do I fit the drives to show D as 1, E as 2 and F as 3? Do I have to change sata sockets on board? in which order? or is it in the BIOS.

I have you tried changing the drive letters from Disk Management console but it does not help.

The D drive is programs. The E drive is data and the F drive is videos. I need to keep the drive letters as is to match with the other PC on the network.

Many Thanks,
Mar 11, 2016
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Just a suggestion, how about unplugging all but the C drive, then plugging one of the other drives in at a time, in the order in which you want them. I thought Windows assigned drive letters in the order in which they were available.

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