Shift Key Freezes PC

Apr 1, 2017
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Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC; I use the Right Shift Key to "Run"; as I'm holding down the right shift key; I eventually hear a click (sound) from key? So I press another key on keyboard, yet another clicking sound and nothing happens on screen. Eventually no keys do what they are supposed to do...while I'm in the middle of playing I cannot Control Alt Delete, cause pressing those buttons will just make a clicking sound; Alt F4...same. I can use mouse and attempt to do stuff but of course I cant do much. I'm having to Force Restart PC; and I have full control once rebooted

Just started a different game: Hunter Game; same thing....I use Right Shift to run...eventually it got to a clicking sound; every button I pressed made a clicking sound and nothing happened; couldn't escape, couldn't control alt delete, Windows Key, no Alt Tab, cause again every key made a clicking sound that basically froze PC.

So when did this start? My new keyboard for #1.......Windows 10 Software for #2

Even so; lets use Keyboard. shall we proceed? First off I've only encountered this issue on two games so far and I'm a huge huge huge PC Gamer. For instance: Elder Scrolls Skyrim on PC, yeah I've put so much into Stamina I can hold down my Right Shift button and it doesn't freeze in that game. I can go on and on because I use Right Shift for running on all PC games.

So far 2 games. And you could say its intermittent. Like hypothetically Saturday I'll play GTA5 and it will freeze and after a reboot it could freeze again so I'll play it on Sunday and Sunday I have no problems. Sometimes rebooting PC fixes it but I also haven't relaunched my Hunter game yet.

All I know is that I experienced it 3 times in Grand Theft Auto 5.....2 months later now "thehunter". Not sure if its battery related on Keyboard or what. But heck. Only way to find out is to re launch "the hunter" and then if it freezes again, perhaps I'll jump into GTA 5 and see if it freezes there too. Then try new batteries.

My sticky keys are disabled within Control Panel
Oct 26, 2016
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Have you considered replacing the keyboard yet? It almost sounds to me that your keyboard may be on the brink into nirvana....

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