Shortcut keys stopped working in Microsoft Edge

Nov 10, 2015
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Hi. I believe revealing my physical disability is very relevant to this post. I’m a quadriplegic & I type with a head stick/pointer. I cannot use a mouse, instead, I use Mouse Keys (numeric keypad) to maneuver the cursor, etc. Mouse Keys (aka, Sticky Keys) is not a third-party program but has been a part of the Windows OS under, Ease of Access. Excuse me, this post is not related to Mouse/Sticky Keys, but is about using shortcut keys particularly in Microsoft Edge (Edge). If anybody can imagine wearing a hat & using a stick to type with there head any shortcut key known would be beneficial to you; trust me! (I.E. to click, Bold in a Word doc the shortcut key would be Ctrl + B). There are countless of shortcut keys for Windows, Office, etc. Needless to say, I pretty much have them all memorized for Windows & Office. Now let me be honest here, primarily I use Google Chrome in which I have no issues with using shortcut keys. However, I also like & often use Edge as well. Up until a month or so I had no issues with using shortcut keys in Edge (same shortcut keys I use in Google Chrome), except they suddenly stopped working for me in Edge.

For those who are unfamiliar with, Microsoft has a website called, Microsoft Answer Desk. It’s a website which is live & primarily free. There are live Microsoft technicians who provide help for Microsoft Windows & Office related issues. If warranted, technicians can securely remotely access your computer & problem-solve. For me, I find this service extremely useful & have resorted to them countless times over many years. I would say pretty much 9 out of 10- times if I went to Microsoft Answer Desk a technician would resolve any issue I brought to them within 1 or 2-sessions. Hence, for the past five days straight working with 6-different technicians no one (remotely) seems not to be able to resolve this issue. One technician did a complete reinstallment of my Windows 10 & that didn’t resolve the issue. The problem for which the technicians are having is when they are remotely accessing my computer they are able to use the shortcut keys in Edge on their end, yet I can’t use the shortcut keys in Edge on my end. Again, I have no trouble w/ using shortcut keys in Google Chrome & in all of my other apps, except in Edge. It’s a real puzzle & is really bugging me.

On Monday, I'm supposed to go back to this Microsoft Answer Desk & connect with a Level 2-Tech. I don’t what’s going to come out of it if anything. Also, I don’t see any harm posting this issue here & see if anybody has any input.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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