Slow explorer file access - network folder with many files

Jun 16, 2018
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Here’s my issue:

IT has no idea on this. I’ve searched with no luck.

This has to do with a sub folder inside a network folder and the problem folder contains 16,000 PDFs most less than 100k size.

I’m on windows 10 laptop and any pdf I open takes 30 seconds. I move that pdf to any normal size sub folder within that or any other network location and it opens fast like a couple seconds.

This is a recent issue. Had the laptop for a month without issues and about 3 weeks ago this started.

When IT logs in on my laptop those slow files open instantly for him. We both go to another windows 10 pc and under my account login it’s slow and his is fast. So it’s not the laptop it’s me.

We go to a windows 7 pc and we’re both fast under each login. So it seems it’s my account and only on windows 10.

Any ideas?
Sep 26, 2017
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Could be your Profile is corrupt. Between your IT and you can a new account be created with the same accesses?

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