Some guy from Bremen, Germany

Aug 15, 2015
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Hi there,

I've been fiddling with computers and internet since 1999, mostly with Windows, also with Linux. I've been a gamer all along as well, UT99 I cherish the most, along other classics from the ~1999 era, such as Theme Park World, No One Lives Forever, Unreal, Unreal 2, KISS Psycho Circus, Alien vs. Predator 2, Heavy Metal: FAKK2, the Command & Conquer series... Currently I'm playing the upcoming Unreal Tournament 4, and Bioshock: Infinite.

The PC in the specs is one I built myself. I wouldn't want to miss that, anymore...

I just signed up here because I got a strange reboot problem, but in general I like tweaking and customizing Windows a lot, so perhaps I'm going to be around that subforum a lot. I upgraded to Windows 9 right away, and so far I'm mostly liking it. Curiously, many prefer to call it Windows 10, though... :D

P.S. Interesting site detail: the top header is written in the older Segoe version up to Windows 7...


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