Stuck at windows loading screen with spinning dots.

Aug 23, 2020
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Good morning.
Last night I was playing a steam game, my computer randomly shut off and when it attempted to boot up it got stuck at the windows loading screen with spinning dots

here is what I have tried so far

boot into safe mode- won’t let me I get a critical process died error and restarts

recovery - won’t let me as it says something aboutwindows recovery protection not active

booted into another hard drive on my computer that has windows ten also. Success and I can access my drive that isn’t booting and all files are there it seems.

run chkdsk /r on that drive and comes up with something about free space allocation and corrects it. Restarted and tried to load up drive again stillstuck.

load up old drive try and run sac /scannow doesn’t find anything.

tried windows system reset and it won’t work.

Now I am at a loss what to do aside from moving my files that I can recover to my old drive that currently has a functioning windows on it and then doing a clean instal.

Any other ideas?
Apr 22, 2017
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did you try running Troubleshoot after booting into Advanced Startup Options?. :)

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