System Image Problems

Jan 15, 2016
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Would appreciate some help.

Using the Win10 backup procedure I created a System image backup. I did this because my laptop had slowed down (bloat?) and I needed to re set Windows. This all happened smoothly and without hiccups. I even believed the c**p about existing files not being affected.

On rebooting I found that the SSD had almost been wiped clean. No problem I thought I have the SystemImageBackup file on an external HDD.

Then the problems started. On using the backup/restore feature on Win 10 I cannot get the system to 'see' the SystemImageBackup file. I cannot do a restore.

I understand that MS are aware of this issue and are either unwilling or unable to do anything about it.

Has anyone out there had this issue and is there a way round it?

As usual any and all help really appreciated.


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