System restarts from hibernation

Jun 1, 2015
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Greetings all,

Well, when I put my system into hibernation (and I believe, as well, when I put the system into Sleep), something wakes it up in a matter of about 10 seconds.

I've checked the network adapter and ensured all wake options are disabled.
I've checked the Power Options and disabled all wake options.

I've also ran powercfg.exe lastwake and this is what it shows:
Wake History Count -1
Wake History - 0
Wake Source Count - 0

So, at this point, I haven't got an idea what's going on.

Sometimes, however, after restarting, it will finally sleep or hibernate, but that doesn't solve the issue.
Any ideas?



Windows 10 - 64bit
8 Gigs ram
Asus Z77 mobo
i3 core
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