The operating system variation is incompatible with Startup Repair

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Webdev2, Jan 11, 2016.

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    Jan 11, 2016
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    I have a laptop that was a Windows 7 Home Premium machine (HP dv6-2150us) that had an Windows 10 in place update performed on it a few months back (Nov 5, 2015). It had been running fine but recently had been randomly crashing. Two days ago, it crashed again and would boot to the "Startup Repair" mode attempt to run, then tell me "Startup Repair" couldn't repair your PC. and endlessly loop through that (if you told it to reboot) unless I went the Advanced Options.
    I tried accessing Safe mode with and without networking, but not luck. I can get to the command prompt.
    At one point it out of the blue it displayed the path to the "SrtTrail.txt" file which apparently is the log train for the "Startup Repair". The screwing thing is I check the date/time on the log file and each time the "Startup Repair" runs it does update the file whether it displays it on the screen. So apparently it could be random whether MS lets you know where to look for clues. Yeah MS!

    Any way the I looked at the "SrtTrail.txt" and it states that the following pass.
    "Check for Updates"
    "System Disk Test" "
    Disk Failure Diagnosis"
    "Disk Metadata Test"
    "Target OS Test"
    "Volume Content Check"
    and the Root cause found "The operating system variation is incompatible with Startup Repair"
    I did a bit of Googling and found others with the same problem :/ But they did not have success in reviving the Machine

    I tried the steps in this video "How to fix Windows 10 start-up problems - Blackscreen, Bootloop, Infinite Loading [HD 60FPS]"
    , but it was not successful. It still does the same thing.

    Anyone know of a way of resolving the issue that would leave my programs intact? Is it as simple of having the correct BCD entry?
    If so, does anyone know what the BCD entry should be the entry for a Windows 7 box that had a Windows 10 in place upgrade done?
    How do I correct it, if the entry is wrong?

    The current entry in the boot record is
    osdevice: partition=E:
    Systemroot: \windows
    resumeobject: {3c5d113c-777-11e5-82d9-8199ff9a6bfc}
    nx: Optin
    boomenupolicy: Standard

    Windows Boot Loader
    Identifier: {a7d535a4-b569-11es-9cbf-b7227090324f}
    Device: unknown
    Path: \Windows.old\Windows\system32\winload.exe
    Description: Windows 7 Home Premium
    Local: en-US
    OSdevice: unknown
    Systemroot: \Windows.old\Windows
    Bootmenupolicy: Legacy

    The Windows.old directory is no longer on the machine, since it is past the 30 days when the update was done.
    Can I put it back on the machine, since the boot loader seems to be pointing to it?

    Thanks in advance,

    Webdev2, Jan 11, 2016
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  2. Webdev2


    Jan 27, 2016
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    and MS did remove the option if you did a UPGRADE Inplace to go back to...
    you can do a Dual Boot if you desire..

    Repair loop has been around for a long time. but try this:
    option 1
    Step 1: Place the CD or USB in your drive and proceed to boot from it

    Step 2: When the install screen pops up, look to the bottom left and select "Repair Your Computer".

    Step 3: You will now see a screen that says "Choose an option". Select "Troubleshoot", then "Advanced Options", and finally "Command Prompt".

    Step 4: You should now see the command prompt. Type "bcdedit" (without quotes) and hit enter.

    Step 5: A list should have appeared. Towards the top, you should see "resumeobject" (It is under "default"). Highlight the long number, including the brackets, and copy.

    Step 6: Now type "bcdedit /set (the long number you copied) recoveryenabled No" (Without quotes). Hit enter.

    Step 7: You should now see the message "The operation completed successfully"

    Step 8: Type "Exit" (Without quotes)

    Step 9: Reboot
    option 2
    You can also boot to your Windows 7 disk, and do a CLean Install to the same partition and it will simply move your Windows 10 to Windows.old
    option 3 if you made a Restore Point then this will work.
    it will restore the last known good restore point.
    boot to media
    move to and find command prompt
    rstrui.exe /offline:C:\Windows
    there are more options but try these first...
    Snuffy, Jan 27, 2016
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  3. Webdev2

    Anatoly Atov

    Sep 6, 2017
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    Thank You Very Much!!! Your video helped me a lot!!! Thank You Again!!!
    Anatoly Atov, Sep 6, 2017
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