Wave files with metadata crashing Windows 10

Oct 1, 2017
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I'm having this problem on a new PC I just built. Anyone experience anything similar they can she some light on?

This problem seems to only be happening when accessing the wave files from the Seagate 8TB drives. If I copy some of the files to the system drive the problem does no occur.

The system is:
AsRock Z270 Pro 4
i7 7700 4Ghz
M.2 system drive
2 x 8TB Seagate Barracuda's for data (Wave files)

When browsing WAV files with embedded metadata in Windows 10 File Explorer, metadata in the Preview Pane begins to disappear and the green reading progress indicator in the address bar comes on. This continues until restarting, after a restart browsing any other files causes no issue but selecting a WAV file starts the issue all over again. DSF and FLAC files with the same metadata do not seem to cause any trouble but they also can't be read after accessing a WAV file and Explorer can't display anything properly in the Preview Pane, at any level of the system, once one of these WAV files has been accessed.


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