"We couldn’t update system reserved partition” windows 10 update error


Jan 2, 2021
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Hello everyone,
I have an older laptop that has been stuck on a windows 10 update for a while...
Every time I reboot, it downloads the update then says,
"We couldn’t update system reserved partition”
This PC can't run Windows 10...it then removes the update,
and gives e a nagging notification that my system is out of date,

It's more of an annoyance....
I think I a dealing with this issue...

I have followed the first steps
2) I backed everything up, actually that computer is empty now, just the apps.....
1) I determined that I have MBR

but when I go down to the MBR Section drop down,
I think the solution is to complicated for me...
It's (12 +11 steps (technically 23) (attached) with some very specific things that need to be typed in...
I will most likely enter a typo, and ruin the system...
Is there a video that demonstrates how to do this?

I tried doing the third party partition manager route with minitool,
but the option I needed was not free, and it seemed kind of sketchy.
is there a more transparent partition manager out there that isn't trying to cash in on this er?

I considered doing a "fresh install" via the "Start Fresh" option, keep your files and lose your apps option,
but I'm worried it will delete everything and still say recovery drive to small....

I could completely format everything via USB/ISO
would this increase the recovery drive also?

I'm really not sure why windows can't just expand it in the first place...
i read that recovery drive needs to expanded without the OS running,
so it seems like it needs to be from a flash drive in one way or another...

CaptureMBR Instructions.PNG


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