Windows 20H2 version (October 2020 update) - programs won't update

Dec 14, 2020
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Hi everybody,
I just installed the new version of windows 10 (20H2) and I have this weird issue where various programs in my systems can't update!
And not just automatically, but also when I try to update them manually.. I get a message that says: the program is up to date..but I know that it is not true!

For example: I have Fritz 17 chess program and it just won't update! Edge browser say it can't install the update and that the program is out of date.
I also have "connection" issued during games when trying to connect to the game server. And the weird thing is that my internet connection is rock solid! I can surf to various sites and everything works just fine. Also playing chess onlinw works fine.

What is going on?? I tried to reinstall windows and the same thing.. also tried to reinstall another LAN driver with no result. I have the latest intel LAN driver FWIW, and in any case I don't believe it's the driver's fault.
My internet connection works ok but I got issued with various programs updating or connecting to servers.


Apr 22, 2017
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have you run your preferred AV app to scan for any possible MalWare?. ;)

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