Where is the 'on this device' list of logins ?

Apr 6, 2015
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When I use Chrome to log into Facebook and WorldRemit (and at least one more website which I can not remember now), two email addresses are prompted - one is my correct one, the other is an absurdly corrupted version of my real address - it has 'busy?' appended to the end. Although I am not prevented from logging in, I would like to be rid of that silly email address prompt. If I click on my profile icon in Chrome, and then on the key icon, I get presented with various options and 'See and manage passwords saved on this device'. That shows a list of websites, usernames and passwords. When I looked for the corrupted entry, I came across what seemed like duplicates, and when trying to delete one, was told that it was stored both 'on THIS device' and in my Google account. I did not find the corrupted entry in my Google Account, but now know that there is a 'this device' list as well, and it may well be found there. I have searched the Registry for that corrupted email address and not found it. Where else could I look ?


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