WiFi stopped, Qualcomm grey, then vanished. MS bad advice.

Mar 30, 2021
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Lenovo L340, still in warranty. WIN10-64. Latest update: 20H2, KB5000802.
Day before Wifi worked. Nothing new installed.
Network: Ethernet, BlueTooth, Wifi gone fishing, blank.
Airplane Mode off. Ethernet not connected.

Built-in MS troubleshooter can not find reason of problem.
Dev.Mgr. Hidden: Qualcomm 3 entries greyed out.
Built-in MS troubleshooter recommeds connectig Ethernet. Done.
MS troubleshooter is happy, claims Solved, disconnected cable was reason (for missing WiFi - MS logic has its own ways.)
Result is WiFi no longer appears anywhere (hardware and connection properties showed it before Ethernet connected), seems not to exist.
Dev.Mgr: Uninstalled Qualcomm (WiFi & Bluetooth) 3 entries.
I selected NOT to delete files (delete can still be done, usually).

Behavior now, Ethernet connected:
Edge browser reacts like Firefox:
URL entered in address field opens page. URL from a web page or tool are dealt with: Can not find server. Homepage can not find server.
suspect some shown pages are just cache source. Hence internet not working mostly, but see Lenovo below.
Qualcomm offers driver to registered maintenance companies only.
Control panel: Search WiFi - not found.

Vantage operates through internet (Ethernet).
It can not update because update catalog not found. (why?)
V. reports a bunch of issues and wants money for correcting these issues while unit is in warranty. Most issues are trivial. There is no choice for correction, all or nothing. This kills cookies, adding more work for me.

Used DISM.exe check (successful, repairable) & restore health. Win10 installation USB plugged-in. D:\. DISM can not find files, obviously it can not use internet. LinkID 243077 from DISM failed.

Several reboots did not correct the situation.

I am not keen on reinstalling Win10 as it kills all applications. Case is complex - may I get help?

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