Windows 10 Laptop Stuck at Welcome Circle Screen after Format

Dec 27, 2023
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I am trying to reset this laptop so I can ship it off as someone had purchased it from me via eBay. It was working fine, but I wanted to remove my stuff, so I installed Windows 10 on a USB Stick and pressed the reset button so I could reinstall Windows. This process went as expected, with the two loading screens going from 0% to 100%. However, the laptop should be letting me either install Windows again or boot up to factory settings and its just stuck at a loading circle that says welcome. I have waited for a while and powered it off and on again but its just having the same issue. It may be worth noting that I had a similar issue last night, where it was doing a reset and got stuck at 33% for 10 hours, so I powered it off (my stuff was all still there) and tried again and now I'm here. I am not connected to WiFi on the laptop as its old.

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Fixes I have tried:

Unplugging USB Stick.
Turning on Device While FN + F8 is Held Down
Turning it off 3 times in a row while pressing down power for 10 seconds each time.

Nothing is working and I am getting very annoyed. Attached is a picture.

Please help me,

Feb 3, 2017
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Did you use the media creation tool to create USB installation media?
Did the media ask you to delete all partition until only 1 blank partition remained?
Did you then choose this blank partition as the default installation destination?

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