Windows Update deleted my Linux partition?

Jul 18, 2020
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Hello. I use a Lenovo laptop where I had W10 and Ubuntu on different partitions. It would let me choose between W10 and Linux upon startup and would boot into Linux by default.

After a long update last night, my PC boots directly into Windows (no more bootloader screen). I still see the 60GB partition as "primary partition" but I can't manage to boot into Linux anymore.

The laptop is almost new, and neither of the OS were presenting malfunctions.

I tried restoring to the previos Windows update and it didn't work, and sadly I didn't have a system restore point.

Is there anything I can do? How can something like this be so arbitrary?


Apr 22, 2017
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Hi 1990eam,

windows most likely has overwritten the boot manager, try booting your live Ubuntu USB/DVD and repair the bootloader (GRUB) using the following link. :)

There is also "Boot Repair". (A better option IMO!).

See also.

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