SOLVED WPA2-Enterprise Credentials Invalid After Fall Update (10586.3)

Nov 14, 2015
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Running W10 Home 64-bit on a Thinkpad Yoga. Since installing the fall update (10586.3) a couple days ago, I'm no longer able to connect to my university's secured WiFi. My username and password have not changed, and I can connect to the secured network with those credentials using my Android phone.

I have followed precisely the university's instructions for manually adding the network, changing the certificate and authentication methods, etc. I've done this before on several other machines, and I'm sure I'm not missing any details there.

When I attempt to connect to the network I'm asked for a username and password. I enter those and get "can't connect to this network" immediately.

Have also reinstalled the WiFi adapter drivers from Intel, thinking that those might have gotten messed up in the upgrade.

Can connect to unsecured visitor network fine and can connect to my home WiFi (WPA2 personal) fine.

Thanks for any suggestions




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