Black screen on switch user- no solution found

Jan 17, 2024
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It seems that for about 10 years there have been online posts about this isssue- with no definitive explanation or resolution that I can find.
Well now it's happening to me.
When switching user on a Windows 10 machine the computer opens into a blank screen- totally unresponsive. And a reboot is required.
It's as if the switch user has sort of taken a wrong turning and gone into a blind alley- if that makes sense.
I've tried disabling various power saving settings - on the assumption that possibly the other user account was asleep in some way: It does mainly seem to occur when the other user account hadn't had any activity for a few hours.

None of the posts online that I've read ever seem to come to a conclusion. Plenty of "Have you tried"s.
But that's all. Then the threads go dead.
Win 10Home 22H2

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